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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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Table 12.

Visit Frequency and Duration of Care for Chiropractic Management of Chronic (>3 Months) Musculoskeletal Pain15,17

Type of episodeNo. of treatment visitsDuration of careRe-evaluation period
Mild exacerbation1–6/episodePer episodeBeginning and end of episode
Moderate or severe exacerbation2–3/week2–4 weeksEvery 2–4 weeks
Scheduled interval for ongoing management36,a,b1–4/monthOngoingMinimum of every 6 visits, or as needed to document changes.c
aSupport with documentation of either functional improvement or functional optimization. This may include, but is not limited to the following: (1) substantial symptom recurrence upon treatment withdrawal, (2) minimization/control of pain, (3) maintenance of function and ability to perform, (4) minimization of dependence on interventions with greater risk(s) of adverse events, and (5) maintained or improved work capacity.
bThree to four visits per month on an ongoing basis only indicated in exceptional circumstance. One to two visits per month may be necessary if care is supported by a well-documented care

management plan.

cDocument patient's efforts to comply with self-care recommendations.