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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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Table 2.

Randomized Controlled Trial Modified SIGN Checklist

 1The study addressed an appropriate and clearly focused question. 
 2Group assignment was randomized. 
 3The sample size was justified by a power calculation. 
 4Investigators were blinded to patients' group assignment. 
 5Patients were blinded to group assignment. 
 6Groups were similar at the start of the trial. 
 7The only difference between groups was the treatment of interest. 
 8Outcomes were measured in a standard, valid, and reliable way. 
 9A power calculation was used and required sample size attained. 
10An intention to treat analysis was performed. 
 Total scoreb 
aRating: “Yes” = 1; “No” or unable to tell from the article = 0.
bScoring—sum of items as follows: 9–10 = high quality, low risk of bias; 6–8 = acceptable quality, moderate risk of bias; <6 = low quality, high risk of bias.