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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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Table 3.

Cohort Study Modified SIGN Checklist

 1Addresses an appropriate and clearly focused question. 
 2Groups are similar, except for factor of interest. 
 3Number of people who declined enrollment is stated. 
 4Likelihood that some patients might have the outcome when enrolled are taken into account in the analysis. 
 5Attrition in each group stated. 
 6Dropouts and compliant participants compared by exposure. 
 7The outcomes are clearly defined. 
 8Assessment of outcome is made blind to exposure status. 
 9The method of assessment of exposure is reliable. 
10Evidence from other sources is used to demonstrate that the method of outcome assessment is valid and reliable. 
11Main potential confounders identified and accounted for in design and analysis. 
12Confidence intervals are reported. 
 Total scoreb 
aRating: “Yes” = 1; “No” or unable to tell from the article = 0.
bScoring—sum of items as follows: 10–12 = high quality, low risk of bias; 6–9 = acceptable quality, moderate risk of bias; <6 = low quality, high risk of bias.