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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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Table 4.

Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis Modified SIGN Checklist

 1Research question was clearly defined and eligibility criteria listed. 
 2A comprehensive literature search was conducted. 
 3At least two people selected studies. 
 4At least two people extracted data. 
 5The status of publication was not used as an inclusion criterion. 
 6The excluded studies were listed. 
 7The relevant characteristics of included studies were provided. 
 8The quality of included studies was assessed and reported. 
 9At least two people assessed quality of the included studies. 
10Appropriate methods were used to combine individual study results. 
11Likelihood of publication bias was assessed appropriately. 
12Conflicts of interest were declared. 
 Total scoreb 
aRating: “Yes” = 1; “No” or unable to tell from the article = 0.
bScoring—sum of items as follows: 10–12 = high quality, low risk of bias; 6–9 = acceptable quality, moderate risk of bias; <6 = low quality, high risk of bias.