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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
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Table 6.

Clinical Practice Guidelines That Include Manipulation and Manual Therapies, 2016–2019

TopicFirst authorYearQualitya
Chronic headache associated with neck painCote.322019H
Acute and CLBPGlobe152016Hb
Acute and CLBPBussieres142018H
Acute and CLBP and sciaticaNational Guideline Center312016H
Acute and CLBPQaseem32017H
Acute and chronic neck painWhalen172019H
Acute and chronic neck painCote182016Hb
Acute and chronic neck painBlanpied302017H
Acute and chronic neck painBussieres162016H
Acute and chronic neck painBier292018H
aQuality was assessed using the AGREE Global Rating Scale (Table 4).
bRating from a published review of CPGs related to musculoskeletal pain.28

CLBP, chronic low-back pain.