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Table 7

Schematic illustration of opinions and use of primary prevention in chiropractic practice

PercentPrevention of MSK disordersPublic HealthWellness
OpiUseRfCOpinionsUse of serviceRfCOpiUseRfC
90–100%X XXX XXa XXX XX
80 – 89%XXX XX X
70 – 79%XX
60 – 69%X XX X
50 – 59%XXXX
40 – 49%XX
30 – 39%
20 – 29%X
10 – 19%X XXXX X X
0 – 9%X X XXX X X

Opi: Opinions/Use: use of service/RfC: Reasons for Consulting

aOf several estimates available only the highest is presented

A: Prescription of dietary supplements or advice on nutrition

B: Prescription of/advice on physical activity

C: Advice on tobacco cessation

D: Detection of skin lesion

E: Non-specific public health

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