Table 2

Target task outcome measure results of the study participant’s pre- and post-chiropractic intervention versus active control.

ChiropracticControlGroup Effect p ValueGroup by Time Interaction p Value
Outcome n Pre n Post n Pre n Post
Visual target acquisition time (ms) M (SD)25 1550.00 (3583.84)24 906.63 (1502.63)25 981.95 (1437.58)24 983.29 (2047.83)0.230.23
Number of distractions M (SD)10 *4.20 (2.76)8 *2.73 (1.68)9 *3.82 (2.75)7 *4.46 (3.01)^^

Note: n are participants able to calibrate, n * are participants who exhibited a distractor behaviour. p value significance set at 0.05. ^ = unable to perform group effect or group by time analysis as data was not normally distributed even after attempted data transformation to a normal distribution.