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Table 5

Summary of “best practicerecommendations for chiropractic wellness care*

Be familiar with nationally recognized recommendations on disease screening and health promotion counseling, such as those made by the USPSTF.
Screening for risk factorsall patients

Obesity/overweight, as assessed by Body Mass Index (BMI)

Physical inactivity or sedentary behaviors

Tobacco use

Other considerations

Awareness of symptoms of depression and availability of appropriate referral system for depression or other psychological issues.

Awareness of signs and symptoms of skin cancer and availability of appropriate referral system.
Health promotion information, advice or referral to all patients for whom screening indicates that they are at risk:

Physical activity appropriate for the individual

Tobacco cessation, at least through provision of quit line phone number.

Healthy diet

Weight management appropriate for the individual.
Other considerations
Although immunization is not within the chiropractic scope of practice, if patients ask for information, they should be referred to or receive balanced, evidence-based information from credible resources such as the Centers for Disease Control.
*Source: Hawk C, Schneider M, Evans MW, Jr., Redwood D. Consensus process to develop a best-practice document on the role of chiropractic care in health promotion, disease prevention, and wellness. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. Sep 2012;35(7):556–567 [10].