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Published online 2009 Jul 12. doi:  10.1186/1746-1340-17-7

Table 7

A description of patients with LBP who, after 1 month of treatment, fit the six management strategies in relation to additional observations.

Type of strategyTotal number of repliesReplies
1. Second opinion11Lethargy
Severe weight loss or gain
Bad general health
Severe stress
Untold trauma
Illogical pain pattern
Psychosocial issues/somatisation

2. Quick fix9Bad compliance
Lives far away
Difficult working hours
History of one treatment only
Treatment dependent
Looks well now
Muscles OK
Physically and mentally well balanced

3. Try again10Chiropractic treatment successful
New clinical findings
Recently aggravating factor
Post traumatic
Minor accident occurred during past month
Increased workload
Patient somewhat frustrated
Bad compliance
Patient dissatisfied

4. Exterior help – keep in touch5Good compliance
Psychosocial problem
Easy onset
Good response to other therapy
Alcohol/drug abuse

5. Symptom-guided maintenance care8Compliant patient
Satisfied patient
Prefers chiropractic to training
Increased workload
Try to remedy partly inappropriate treatment
If the present status is not good enough, time to re-evaluate diagnosis and treatment

6. Clinical findings-guided maintenance care11Satisfied patient
Health-minded patient
Prefers chiropractic to exercises
New clinical findings due to change of posture
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