Table 3

The time period for the next treatment by the time period for the last treatment of maintenance care patients in a survey of chiropractors in Denmark and Norway.

DK+NNo new visit (n = 20)Next visit within 1 week (n = 42)Next visit between 2-4 weeks (n = 41)Next visit between 1-3 months (n = 80)Next visit in over 3 months or later (n = 26)Total
Last visit within 1 week (n = 37)3%51%27%16%3%100%

Last visit within 2-4 weeks (n = 72)10%15%32%40%3%100%

Last visit within 1-3 moths
(n = 62)

Last visit within 3 months or later (n = 38)11%11%11%24%45%100%

The bold print show percentage of time-intervals which were most commonly used.

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