Table 2

Experiences of chiropractic treatment (n = 544)

Before you first had chiropractic treatment, how much did you know about:
a. What the treatment involved n =%
I knew very little31858%
Some knowledge14827%
I knew a lot7514%
b. The likely benefits of the treatment
I knew very little22441%
Some knowledge18233%
I knew a lot13425%
c. Possible reactions to the treatment
I knew very little38771%
Some knowledge11221%
I knew a lot417%
Approximately how many chiropractic treatments have you had in the last 12 months? n = treatments
Range =0-55
Median =6
Interquartile range 1; Interquartile range 3 =4 ; 10
Are you currently receiving treatment? n =%
Reasons given in answer to the question, “If ‘NO’, why did you stop chiropractic treatment?” (n = 135)
n =%
The problem being treated improved/got better, I no longer needed treatment7959%
The problem being treated has improved and I am currently able to manage it myself4735%
I did not feel the treatment was benefitting me64%
I was unhappy with the chiropractor’s approach/manner21.5%
I had an unpleasant reaction to treatment00%
I was unhappy with the cost of treatment32%
I am currently unable to afford treatment75%
Other health problems have prevented me from having chiropractic treatment10.7%
NB. 10 people (7%) gave more than one reason for stopping chiropractic treatment145107%
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