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Table 4

Comparison of health care costs in worker’s compensation plans

Chiropractic careComparator group(s)ComparatorLowestDifferenced
First authorYearHealth care costs included n Costs n Costs
Butler [39]2010Office visits, PT, imaging, medications54a $1,2961. MD care, 2 MD care + chiropractic care +/− PT care, 3. MD care + PT care, 4. Other930a $4,925Chiropractic−74 %
Cifuentes [37]2011Not specified159b $4151. PT maintenance carec, 2. MD maintenance care, 3. PT and MD maintenance care, 4. Other maintenance care, 5. No maintenance care735b $566Chiropractic−27 %
Gilkey [35]2008Not specified76$868MD care2,380$264Comparator229 %
Jarvis [38]1997All health care costs associated with claim1,007$596MD care2,279$658Chiropractic−9 %
Johnson [34]1999Office visits, PT, imaging, other diagnostic testing, medications, hospital visits173$1,044MD care671$1,075Chiropractic−3 %
Phelan [36]2004Office visits to DC/MD/PT, medications, hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient, supplies181$6851. MD care, 2. MD care + chiropractic care, 3. No MD care or chiropractic care10,930$7,904Chiropractic−91 %
adata reported in secondary report [47]

bcosts were weekly average health care costs during both disability period and maintenance period

cmaintenance care defined as receiving any type of health care after the initial period of disability has ended

dreported as (−(comparator costs - chiropractic care costs)/comparator costs) × 100 %

DC doctor of chiropractic, MD medical doctor, PT physical therapist