Table 2

Features of included studies

Study authors; Quality scoreStudy designSampleInterventionsOutcome measureMain results/conclusions
Mckelvey et al;16 7/276-week single blind cross pilot, abstract only32 patientsChiropractic care, 18 manipulationsSpirometry reading, peak flow and vital capacity, and number of asthma attacksNo statistical difference in-group spirometry reading before and after treatment. Peak flow and vital capacity were reduced (p<.05)
Balon et al;5 22/27Randomized controlled trial91 children aged 7–16Chiropractic manipulationPeak expiratory flow, asthma symptoms, quality of life, and satisfaction with treatmentNo statistical difference between groups, symptoms decreased in both groups with no statistically significant differences between groups
Graham and Pistolese;10 7/27Self-reported impairment questionnaire81 children aged 1–17Chiropractic care-detection and elimination of subluxationModified Oswestry Impairment Rating Scale (MOIRS)Significantly lower impairment rating for 90.1% of subjects. Greater clinical effect for boys
Bronfort et al;8 20/27Prospective clinical case series and observer blinded pilot RCT36 patients aged 6–17Chiropractic spinal manipulationPulmonary function tests, rated quality of life, peak expiratory flow ratesChildren rate quality of life higher, effect maintained at one year. No important changes in lung function
Nielson et al;17 20/27Randomized patient and observer blinded cross-over trial31 patients aged 18–44Chiropractic spinal manipulationForced expiratory volume, forced vital capacity, use of brochodilators, patient rated severityNo clinically important or statistically significant differences found between active and sham interventions
Leboeuf-Yde et al;14 15/27Survey385 chiropractors on 5607 patientsSpinal manipulation with or without additional therapySelf-reported impairment on questionnaireMost common was improved breathing, minority of patients reported improvement of non-musculoskeletal symptoms
Gibbs;9 9/27Case series3 patientsChiropractic spinal manipulationPeak flow and asthma questionnaireIncreased subjective and objective parameters, need for larger studies
Green;11 5/27Case study1 patient, 43yChiropractic spinal manipulationPeak flow, use of medicationsPositive objectives changes in peak flow and decrease in medication use