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Table 2

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Respondent demographics

Sex n%
  18-25 years63550.9
  26-35 years48939.2
  36-45 years917.3
  46-55 years201.6
  55 years and older7.6
Highest level of education prior to enrollment
  Associate degree1108.8
  Bachelor degree104083.4
  MA/MS/MPH degree635.1
  Doctoral degree (Ph.D, EdD, etc.)161.3
Professional degrees prior to enrollment
  MD/DO from USA4.3
  MD/DO from other country6.5
  Other health professional degree (RN, PT, etc.)1118.9
  Other professional degree (JD, etc.)594.7
Membership in chiropractic organizations
Student International Chiropractic Association947.5
Student American Chiropractic Association32626.1
Current enrollment status in DC program
1st year39431.6
2nd year40032.1
3rd year44635.8
Report having completed a course in evidence-based practice in chiropractic program 78263.5
Year 113735.0
Year 226566.4
Year 338086.0