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Table 3

Respondents’ agreement with statements about practice and identity

SA (%) A (%) N (%) D (%) SD (%) M (%)
Evidence based practice
It is important for chiropractors to be educated in evidence based practice.
It is appropriate to allow for updating and enrichment of chiropractic theories based on current scientific advancements.47.839.
Contemporary and evolving scientific evidence is more important than traditional chiropractic theory21.630.325.
It is important for chiropractors to hold strongly to traditional chiropractic theories and practices.17.428.423.519.06.25.5

Identity and setting
Chiropractic providers should maintain portal of entry (direct access) status.
Inclusion of clinical chiropractic training internships and post-graduate residencies in integrative medical settings is important to the progression of the chiropractic profession.39.529.712.

Scope of practice
Emphasis of chiropractic intervention is to eliminate vertebral subluxations/vertebral subluxation complexes.25.835.615.
The primary purpose of the chiropractic examination is to detect vertebral subluxations.20.723.915.822.012.05.6
The chiropractic profession should expand its scope of practice to include prescribing of medication, with appropriate advanced training12.913.213.218.836.45.5
It is appropriate for the chiropractic profession to distinguish and promote two separate subgroups of broad scope (providing manual and other non-drug procedures) and limited scope (providing subluxation correction only).10.320.726.621.615.65.3
Chiropractic intervention should consist of chiropractic adjustment only.

SA = Strongly Agree; A = Agree; N = Neutral; D = Disagree; SD = Strongly Disagree; M = Missing.

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