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Table 4

Respondents’ opinions, by topic

Doctors of chiropractic should be considered n%
  Complementary/alternative health practitioners31225.0
  Mainstream health care practitioners86269.1
The most important practice paradigm for the chiropractic profession is
  Subluxation correction only focus19215.4
  Primary spine/musculoskeletal care physician58546.9
  General/Primary care physician31825.5
The most important setting for chiropractic health care is
  Integrated settings with other health care disciplines including allopathic medicine35428.4
  Integrated settings with alternative medicine practitioners only514.1
  Alone or with other DC’s, without integration with any other health care disciplines1028.2
  Any/all of the above67053.7
Chiropractic researchers should focus future efforts primarily on
  Physiological mechanisms of chiropractic adjustments58446.8
  Outcomes/cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care34928.0
  Outcomes/cost-effectiveness of integrative care models24019.2
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