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Table 1

Baseline characteristics

VariableMean (SD)MedianInterquartile rangeRange
Age45.0 (14.0)43.518.019-79

Neck Pain Duration (days)881.7 (2166.3)122.0709.01 day to 13 years

Disability40.6 (14.4)40.025.015-67

Pain6.8 (1.9)7.02.02-10

Fear24.6 (5.8)25.06.011-42

Coping5.1 (2.3)6.02.50-10

Depression4.7 (3.1)5.05.00-10
Disability was measured using the Bournemouth Disability Questionnaire; Pain was measured using the Numerical Rating Scale); Fear was measured using the Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia; Coping was measured using a 2-item coping screen; Depression was measured using item #5 on the Bournemouth Disability Questionnaire