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Table 1

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Data From a Population-based Sample of 34,902 Danish Adults

Prevalence estimates of different definitions of back pain (N = 34,902)

LBPyear15,093(43) *
 LBP < 8 days3,804(10)
 LBP 8-30 days6,168(18)
 LBP > 30 days4,207(12)
Radiating pain into leg(s)7,651(22)
MBPyear4,535(13) *
 MBP < 8 days1,161(3)
 MBP 8-30 days1,633(5)
 MBP > 30 days1,338(4)
Pain radiating into chest1,846(5)
NPyear11,316(30) *
 NP < 8 days2,523(7)
 NP 8-30 days4,345(12)
 NP > 30 days3,641(10)
Pain radiating into arm(s)5,583(16)
*The numbers of positive replies in the day intervals do not add up to the year-estimates, because the latter have been corrected, if data were missing, based on subsequent answers in relation to site-specific consequences in the past year.