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Summary of results ‐ Exercise plus adherence component

RCTTrial ParticipantsInterventionsResults for adherence measuresResults for clinical outcomes
Basler 2007
(High quality)
(n = 170)
I: Physiotherapy plus counselling
C: Physiotherapy plus placebo ultrasound
NSDFunction: NSD

Friedrich 1998
(Moderate quality)
(n = 93)
I: Combined physiotherapy exercise and motivation programme
C: Standard physiotherapy exercise programme
SD (I > C) ‐ attendance & weekly training frequency
NSD ‐ length of time continued exercise programme
Pain: SD (I > C)
Function: SD (I > C)

Hughes 2004
(Low quality)
Hip or Knee OA
(n = 150)
I: Facility based exercise classes + adherence focused home programme
C: Advice booklet
SD (I > C,2, 6 & 12 months)Pain: SD (I > C, 6 months)
Function: NSD

Luszczynska 2006
(Moderate quality)
(n = 66)
I: Education session on exercises and discussion with consultant
C: Education session and explanatory leaflet
SD (I > C) ‐ frequency of exercise
NSD ‐ higher performance of recommended exercises & performance accuracy
No clinical outcomes measured

* Comparisons are for all time points unless otherwise stated
Abbreviations listed at end of Table 4.