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Pediatric Texts

This section was compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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Pediatric Chiropractic

by Claudia A. Anrig DC

With its academic and clinical approach, the second edition of Pediatric Chiropractic provides the Family Wellness Chiropractor the tools they need to adjust infants, children and pregnant women with confidence.   Through the cooperation of over 40 international experts, this new edition adds several techniques including SOT, Thompson, Logan, Upper Cervical, Craniosacral, instrument assisted adjusting and remains the leading resource for the Gonstead technique as a method for adjusting children and pregnant women.   Exploring several areas of clinical importance, the second edition addresses neurology, primary care, vaccination issues, adolescent health and specialty practices including Sensory Processing, Motor and Developmental disorders.   As a resource for the Family Wellness Chiropractor, this second edition is unrivaled. Now over 50% bigger it includes 13 additional chapters, over 400 new pages and 250 more illustrations. (1202 pages)

Textbook on Chiropractic & Pregnancy

by Joan Fallon

This comprehensive manual, authored by Joan Fallon, DC is an asset to the student as well as the practitioner. Includes chapters on: Reproductive Neuroanatomy, Hormones, Prenatal Care, The Birth, Orthopedic and Neurological Conditions of Pregnancy, Subluxation Complex, Birth Injuries, and Adjusting the Pregnant Woman. Extremely well-illustrated. Also includes case reports, index and glossary. Casebound (224 pages).

Chiropractic Pediatrics

by Neil J. Davies DC FICC FACC

This evidence-based text relates clinical chiropractic management to pediatrics, with coverage of the key aspects of syndromes most commonly seen by chiropractors working with children. It outlines the essential history-taking, physical assessment, diagnosis and management for each syndrome, while addressing relevant pathology of pediatric conditions in as much detail as chiropractors need. No other text offers a perspective on pediatrics that is specifically designed for chiropractic management!

Pediatric Chiropractic Care
2nd Edition

Martin Rosen DC

We are excited to be launching our 2nd Edition of our book "Pediatric Chiropractic Care". We have completely revised Chapter 3, now called The Pediatric Exam, to give the practitioner a more concise step-by-step approach to evaluating the pediatric spine and nervous system. We have also added several charts, a more detailed index and improved explanations of spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols. This comprehensive book is a complete guide to pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting procedures. It can be used to supplement your current practice paradigm or as a guide to develop an effective and comprehensive approach to pediatric chiropractic care. There are over 200 pages filled with pictures, charts, diagrams and step-by-step instructions for dozens of spinal and cranial adjusting and evaluation techniques. If you are new in practice or a seasoned chiropractor this book will be a valuable edition to your pediatric practice.

Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

by Peter N. Fysh DC

Kids Need Chiropractic Too! is published as an alternative health care work for both parents and doctors. This easily readable book comprises short articles and case reports describing alternative approaches to children's health care. Children's conditions covered include colic, ear infections, asthma, bed-wetting, growing pains, back pain in school children plus other common childhood disorders.

Pediatric Physical Examination

by Karen Duderstadt RN PhD CPNP PCNS

I am a pediatric nurse, RN working in a busy outpatient department. I am also a Pediatric instructor at City College of San Francisco. I found this book to be a great and quick reference. The book is divided into sections by systems which I find to be helpful. The pictures are great and they have boxes that will highlight key points and pediatric pearls; which highlight key physical findings and techniques to improve pediatric exams. I like that the book is spiral bound. It makes it easy to read as it lies flat on a table or you could fold it back. I've used the photo's to show a new mother the anatomy of the skull of the newborn. She had questions about her baby's fontanels. I would highly recommend this book! DMG RN MSN IBCLC

Pediatric Primary Care

by Catherine E. Burns PhD RN CPNP-PC FAAN

Covering the full spectrum of health conditions seen in the primary care of children, Pediatric Primary Care, 5th Edition emphasizes both prevention and management from the unique perspective of the Nurse Practitioner. Written by an expert editor/contributor team, it provides in-depth, evidence-based guidance for assessing and managing health problems in children from infancy through adolescence. Other key topics include developmental theory, the health status of children today, issues of daily living, and cultural considerations.

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We are an Amazon Associate
We make a small commission on every purchase you make
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