Chiropractic in the United States:
Training, Practice, and Research

This project was supported by grant number HS07915 from the
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

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AHCPR Publication No. 98-N002
December 1997

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Title Page, Table of Contents & Foreword

I.   A Brief History of Chiropractic

II.   Chiropractic Belief Systems

III.   Chiropractic Training

IV.   Supply, Distribution, and Utilization of Chiropractors in the United States

V.   Licensure and Legal Scope of Practice

VI.   Insurance Coverage of Chiropractic Services

VII.   Chiropractic in the Health Care System

VIII.   Content of Practice

IX.   Chiropractic Research

X.   Biological Rationale for Possible Benefits of Spinal Manipulation

XI.   Benefits and Risk of Spinal Manipulation

XII.   Synopsis, Research Priorities, and Policy Issues