Treatment of Chronic Back Pain

Treatment of Chronic Back Pain

This section was compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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J Man Med 1992;   6 (5):   166168

Janda, Vladimir

A brief survey and philosophy of treatment of chronic back pain presented. The rational approach should be based on at least 3 principles: achievement of good function of all peripheral structures (skin, tissue, muscles and fascia, joints); development of reasonably good muscle balance; activation of the spinocerebello-vestibular circuits on the sense of sensory motor stimulation, thus facilitating the most important afferent pathways and centres. In addition, the results of an 8-year study of chronic back pain patients are presented in brief: 91% improved, 9% remained pain free, less analgesic medication was needed by 64%. Increased motor activity was possible for 75% of these patients.


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