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This is a chance for you to learn about Leo Kottke,
the finest guitar stylist on the planet (IMHO)

Leo at play

I attended a lovely evening with Leo @ the College of DuPage, here in Illinois (6-5-99). He had just completed a new album (One guitar, no vocals).   He showcased several tunes from it. My observation is that Leo is becoming more enamored with the "harmonics" of chords, and is incorporating what I label "hanging chords" (by that I mean a sustained chord, that just sails and hangs in the air like an eagle, soaring on a thermal).

The liner notes from the concert handout last night had a wonderful comment I'd like to share:

"Something that may never appear on his records, but that is a major ingredient in his stage presentation, is Leo's ability to "crack you up". He is hilarious, a surprising blend of brains and dumb luck. Skillful at finding correspondence where none had been found before, a listener might experience the sensation that Kottke has "lost it", only to discover that he's known where "it" was, all along. It's the listener who gets lost, finding home is where the laugh is."

I could argue with the author's comment about Leo's "dumb luck", since I experience Leo as quite "cerebral", but the essence of their admiration for, and enjoyment of his humor is so clearly expressed, I just had to share it!

Leo also plays here yearly at the historic Woodstock Opera House. This venue is perfect for an accoustic guitar player, with no seat more than 60 (or so) feet from the performer.

Below you will find links to other Leo sites, info on where to see him next, and some older interviews.

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