Vladimir Janda Citation List

Vladimir Janda Citation List

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Vacek, J.; Veverkova, M.; Janda, V.; Besvodova, V.; Dvorakova, P.;
The Painful Coccyx and its Influence on the Movement Pattern for Hip Extension
J Orthopaedic Medicine 2000;   22 (2):   42-44

Bullock–Saxton JE; Janda V; Bullock MI
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Int J Sports Med 1994 Aug;   15 (6):   330–334

Bullock–Saxton, J; Janda, V
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Spine 1993;   18 (6):   704-708

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Wadsworth DJ, Bullock–Saxton, J;
Recruitment Patterns of the Scapular Rotator Muscles in Freestyle Swimmers with Subacromial Impingement
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Janda, V
Muscle Spasm – A Proposed Procedure for Differential Diagnosis
J Man Med 1991;   6 (4):   136-139

Janda, V
Differential Diagnosis of Muscle Tone in Respect of Inhibitory Techniques
J Man Med 1989;   4 (3):   96

Janda, V
Impaired Muscle Function in Children and Adolescents
J Man Med 1989;   4 (3):   157-160

Janda, Vladimir
Treatment of Chronic Back Pain
J Man Med 1992;   6 (5):   166–168

Janda, Vladimir
Evaluation of Muscular Imbalance
in Liebenson, C (ed) "Rehabilitation of the Spine"
Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, MD; 1996   97–112

Janda, Vladimir; VaVrova, M
Sensory Motor Stmulation
in Liebenson, C (ed) "Rehabilitation of the Spine"
Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, MD; 1996,   319–328

Janda, V
On the Concept of Postural Muscles and Posture in Man
Aust J Physiother 1983;   29:   83–84

Janda, V
Muscles and Cervicogenic Pain Syndromes
in Grant, R (ed) "Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine"
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Janda, V
Muscles, Central Nervous Motor Regulation and Back Problems
in Korr, M "Neurobiologic mechanisms in manipulative therapy"
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Janda, V
Muscle Weakness and Inhibition (Pseudoparesis) in Back Pain Syndromes
in Grieve, GP (ed) "Modern Manual Therapy of the Vertebral Column"
Churchill–Livingston, New York, NY, 1986;   197–201

Jull, G; Janda, V
Muscles and Motor Control in Low Back Pain
in Twomey, LT (ed) "Physical therapy for the low back; Clinics in physical therapy.
Churchill–Livingston, New York, NY, 1987

Janda, V
Some Aspects of Extracranial Causes of Facial Pain
J Prosthet Dent 1986;   56:   484

Janda, V
Muscle Strength in Relation to Muscle Length, Pain and Muscle Imbalance
in Harms–Rindahl, K (ed) "Muscle Strength"
Churchill–Livingston, New York, NY, 1993

Janda, V
Muscle Function Testing
Butterworths, London, 1983

Janda, V; Schmidt, HJA   Muscles as a Pathogenic Factor in Back Pain
International Federation of Manipulative Physical Therapists Proceedings
Christchurch, New Zealand, 1982




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