RESPONSES TO The Oct 1998 NEJM Articles

The Oct. 8, 1998 NEJM Articles
On Asthma and Low Back Pain

This section was compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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   The LBP Article   

FCER Director of Research Anthony Rosner, Ph.D.'s response to the Cherkin LBP Study
Thanks to FCER for releasing this article here!

Daniel Becker, DC, DABCN Response to Cherkin

The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association's Response to Cherkin

   The Asthma Article   

FCER Director of Research Anthony Rosner, Ph.D.'s response
to the Balon Asthma Study

At a time when public interest in the application of alternative medicine is rising, it is regrettable that a study with such deep flaws should have found its way to the lead position in such a prominent journal. Major deficiencies of the study are summarized as follows:

Bill Meeker, D.C. @ Palmer Research Department's Response
Even though objectively measured lung function did not improve, the satisfaction with the chiropractic care was very high. There were no adverse effects of chiropractic care. This study supports anecdotal reports of chiropractors over the years. What if this was your child? Would you avoid chiropractic care because of this study?

Daniel Redwood, D.C. Response
The assumption that the sham manipulation in the NEJM study has no effect is just that, an assumption. If minimal-force chiropractic techniques like Toftness or DNFT have some therapeutic effect, then it is entirely possible that the "sham" manipulation in the NEJM study was an accidentally effective treatment, no matter how surprising this may seem. Was any of this discussed by the author of the NEJM study in his analysis of his data? If not, it's a significant oversight.
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