The Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxation Part 1: Introduction

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FROM:   Journal of Chiropractic Humanities 2018 (Dec);   25:   146168 ~ FULL TEXT

Simon A.Senzon, MA, DC

School of Health and Human Sciences,
Southern Cross University,
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

Objective   The objective of this article is to present a rationale for the need of a history of chiropractic vertebral subluxation (CVS) theory based on primary sources.

Discussion   There is a dichotomy in the chiropractic profession around subluxation terminology, which has many facets. The literature around this topic spans social, economic, cultural, and scientific questions. By developing a rationale for a historical perspective of CVS theory, including the tracking of the historical development of ideas throughout the profession, a foundation for future discourse may emerge.

Conclusions   By using primary sources, ideas in chiropractic on the development of CVS theory are proposed. This introduction presents a basis for the need of a history of CVS theory and suggests how this work may be used to further philosophical dialogs in chiropractic.

Key Indexing Terms   Chiropractic, History


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