The Great Subluxation Debate:
A Centrist's Perspective

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FROM:   J Chiropractic Humanities 2010 (Jun);   17 (1):   3339 ~ FULL TEXT

Christopher J. Good, DC, MAEd

University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic,
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Objective   This commentary describes the debate and some of the associated issues involving the subluxation construct.

Discussion   The long-standing debate regarding the chiropractic subluxation has created substantial controversy within the profession. Currently, this phenomenon can be compared with a country with a 2-party system that has a large silent majority sitting between the 2 factions. It is argued that the position held by those in the middle (the centrists) may be the most rational view when considering all of the available evidence. It is also suggested that the subluxation construct is similar to the Santa Claus construct in that both have a factual basis as well as social utility.

Ultimately, the centrists must become proactive if they want to protect the profession and further advance the evidence in regard to the subluxation. They must not only engage in the debate, but fund the research that will investigate various aspects of the subluxation and then help disseminate this evidence to fellow doctors of chiropractic, other practitioners, health care policy makers, and society at large.

Conclusion   The role of subluxation in chiropractic practice, the progression of this debate, and the future of the profession will be directly determined by the role that centrists choose to play.

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