Section 6


The tables in Appendix III include a comprehensive statement of specific research recommendations, many of which have not been delineated in the research agenda described in this section. The additional recommendations concern important questions. Nevertheless, their importance is subordinate to that of the unanswered questions which this agenda sets forth. The reader is referred to those tables.

Although all the unanswered questions are important to Quebec, it would be inappropriate that agencies in Quebec should be solely responsible for funding and support of the activities proposed. The same questions are relevant in other provinces of Canada and in other countries. We are encouraged that some research on risk factors, prognosis and treatment is already underway in a collaborative way between investigators in Saskatchewan and Sweden; principals from both studies are part of this Task Force. This is a model for international and interdisciplinary research which this Task Force endorses, both to enhance the widespread relevance of the findings and the quality of the effort invested. We encourage all interested parties, including government funding agencies, insurance companies, universities, researchers and health-care professionals to share the responsibility of finding the solutions to this important health problem.