Table 2

Coding tree. Examples of meaning units, codes, subcategories and categories from content analysis of interviews with individuals with whiplash-associated disorders

Meaning unitCodeSubcategoryCategory
Then I could recover over the weekend so I could cope with work again on Monday. But it was a really hard time. (Participant 5)Recover over the weekend to cope with work, hard times.1.1 The bumpy road to return to work1. Return to work – a process of setbacks and bureaucracy

One tried to work as hard as usual, 100%, as I did the whole time. But that did really not work. (Participant 7)Working as usual did not work

This job was good for me when I started it (…) but then this happened and I have to re-think (…) there must be a change because one is not getting any younger either. If I would continue doing this (job), the risk of more symptoms would be pretty high. I really think that. (Participant 8)To continue with the job increases the risk for symptom aggravation1.2 Work motivation and confidence in future work ability

I do believe that I can continue work like this until I retire. I will have problems, pain that is, but it doesn’t matter what kind of job I have, because I think I’ll have to live with this pain, simple as that. But I got used to the idea and it works fine. And with these work tasks, absolutely, it works. (Participant 6)Pain will persist but I can live with it and be able to work until retirement