Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Some members of The Chiropractic Resource Organization (Chiro.Org) display the Health On the Net Foundation's image in their sections. This requires an online statement of the following policies.

Chiro.org Privacy Policy
Maintaining your privacy is important to us. This applies to subscriber lists, registration information, chat lists, and other information of a private nature that we may request. We have never knowingly given any information of a private nature to third parties for any reason. This will continue to be our practice.

Chiro.org Confidentiality Policy
See previous paragraph.

Chiro.org Advertising Policy
All privacy and confidentiality guidelines are followed in seeking sponsorship with individuals, companies, and organizations that contribute to The Chiropractic Resource Organization (Chiro.Org). We accept advertising that makes acceptable and credible claims, and is compatible with Chiro.Org's principles of honesty, education, and support for the Chiropractic Profession.

Chiro.org Editorial Policy
Contributors to editorial comment must do so within the sense and perspective of honesty and constructive commentary. All our contributors and site managers are volunteers. More than 50% of our yearly income is donated to chiropractic research.


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