Acupuncture as Complementary Therapy for Back Pain

Acupuncture as Complementary
Therapy for Back Pain

This section is compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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FROM:   Holist Nurs Pract 2001 (Apr);   15 (3):   3544

Smith-Fassler ME, Lopez-Bushnell K

University of New Mexico Hospital,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Back pain affects more than 9 million people in the United States and accounts for 25% of disability in all work-related injuries. It has a lifetime prevalence of 60%-90% and it costs more than $50 billion annually to manage back pain. The incidence of back pain in nurses is over 80% and accounts for more than 150 million working days per year being lost. Western treatment of back pain is controversial and often ineffective. Acupuncture as a therapeutic intervention is practiced widely in the United States. Research has demonstrated that acupuncture may benefit those who suffer from back pain when they have failed to respond to previous treatment by drugs, bed rest, epidural injection, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractics, and surgery. Acupuncture is a powerful and complementary therapy for back pain.


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