Acupuncture for Crack-cocaine Detoxification: Experimental Evaluation of Efficacy

Acupuncture for Crack-cocaine Detoxification:
Experimental Evaluation of Efficacy

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Lipton et al (1994) [1] investigated ear acupuncture in treatment of cocaine dependency over a one–month period. 150 patients were randomly assigned to an experimental group and a placebo–control group (patients received ear acupuncture at points not commonly used for addiction treatment).

After two weeks of treatment, the experimental group showed significantly lower cocaine metabolite levels in urine specimens than the placebo group. Konefal, Duncan and Clemence (1994) [2] randomized substance abuse patients at a treatment clinic into three groups: 1) usual care, 2) usual care plus frequent urine testing, 3) usual care, frequent urine testing, and acupuncture. Patients in the acupuncture group became clean (negative urine test) in 57% of the time required for the frequent urine testing group.


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