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...on HMOs and Alternative Care

Selected findings from a nationwide study of HMO senior executives examining their perceptions, the prevalence and future of alternative care in the United States.

About this study...

How many HMOs offer alternative care?Undeniably, the demand for alternative care among health care consumers is growing, as evidenced by several recent studies on the use of alternative medicine among the general public. To date, however, there has been little published information about the perceptions of a key link in the future of alternative care–the HMOs which lie at the center of the managed care system in the United States. As the organizations at the forefront of managed health care in the United States, HMOs have the potential to play a significant role in the future of alternative care over the next decade.

What is the future of alternative care?Landmark Healthcare, Inc. commissioned a study on HMOs and alternative care to gain a better understanding of this market. The study was conducted by National Market Measures, Inc., a full-service marketing research company. Some of the main findings of the study address the following:

How do HMOs view alternative care?

What do HMOs currently offer and what are their plans for adding these therapies to their product offerings? What types of alternative care are offered by HMOs across the nation?

What are their motivations for adding or not adding these therapies?

What are their beliefs about the future of alternative care in the United States?

Conducted from late November 1998 through early January 1999, the study consisted of telephone interviews with 114 senior executives of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) from across the country. The population of HMOs nationwide that qualified for this study was 449, so this sample represents 25% of the entire universe. In a random sample of 114, the maximum statistical error is +7.9% in a two-way split of the data at the 95% confidence level (after applying the finite population correction factor).

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Selected Findings

Acupuncture (97%), herbal therapy (96%), acupressure (89%), and massage therapy (88%) are most often associated with alternative care.

Chiropractic is often associated with alternative care (57%), but many HMOs (43%) do not consider it alternative, further validating the reputed mainstreaming of this treatment option.

HMOs are most likely to add acupuncture (36%), acupressure (31%), massage therapy (30 %) and vitamin therapy (27%) over the next two to three years.

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