The ALT-MED Abstracts Search Tool

Now you can locate any information which is stored-in,
or linked-to by the ALT-MED Abstracts section.

The ALT-MED Search Tool is designed to search strictly in the
Alternative Medicine Articles Section.
It is NOT a web-wide search engine!

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HOW do I use this Search Tool?      What is "Boolean Logic"?

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The "How-to Search" Section
A search with the phrase "Forward Head Posture"
(capitalized) can yield widely differing results.

NOTE: The Default setting for the search tool is set as
Case:   Insensitive
Construct:   As a Phrase

The following tables explain what happens when you use the Case and Construct drop-downs to modify your search.

In the "Hits" drop-down box, I usually use the "All Hits" selection,
to avoid having to view multiple pages in the search review.

Case:   drop-down box
will find the words with capitalization of the 3 separate words:
Forward, Head or Posture
will find all of the words:
forward, Forward, head, Head, posture or Posture

NOTE: "Insensitive" usually yields a much larger field of results.

Construct:   drop-down box

Any Search Term
will find all the articles with EITHER (any one of) the 3 terms:
Forward, Head or Posture

"Insensitive" yielded 888 articles
"Sensitive" yielded 299 articles

All Search Term
will find the articles with ALL 3 of the search terms:
Forward, Head or Posture

"Insensitive" yielded 97 articles
"Sensitive" yielded 21 articles

As a Phrase
will only find articles with the phrase:
"Forward Head Posture"

"Insensitive" yielded 46 articles
"Sensitive" yielded 19 articles

Boolean Logic for Medlines and Search Engines

"Boolean Logic" terms help reduce the number of articles to review
Note: To combine keywords in your search use   "AND",   "OR",   "AND NOT"   or   "NEAR"
Chiropractic AND Research Both words must exist in the document.
Chiropractic OR Research Either word must exist in the document.
Chiropractic AND NOT Research The first word must exist in the document, but the second must not.
Chiropractic NEAR Research

Both words must exist in the document, and be within 50 words of each other. The closer they are, the higher the ranking in the search result.

You might also review the Boolean Primer Page


Updated 5-27-2022