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Figure 5

Visual analog scale (VAS) and Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) scores of the case at baseline and over the course of treatment to 3 weeks, with follow-up for 9 months. The ODI domains are the following: pain intensity, personal care, lifting, walking, sitting, standing, sleeping, sex life, social life, and traveling. Each section contains 6 statements that are scored from 0 (minimum degree of difficulty in that activity) to 5 (maximum degree of difficulty). For each section the total possible score is 5: If the first statement is marked, the section score is 0; if the last statement is marked, it is 5. If all 10 sections are completed, the score is calculated as follows: Example: 16 (total scored)/50 (total possible score) × 100 = 32% If 1 section is missed or not applicable, the score is calculated: 16 (total scored)/45 (total possible score) × 100 = 35.5%. Interpretation of scores as follows: 0% to 20%, minimal disability; 21% to 40%, moderate disability; 41% to 60%, severe disability; 61% to 80%, cripped; and 81% to 100%, the patient is either bedbound or exaggerating her or his symptoms. [60, 61]