Does 'Normal' Vision Improve with Spinal Manipulation?

Does 'Normal' Vision Improve
with Spinal Manipulation?

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FROM:   J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1996 (Jul);   19 (6):   415418

Stephens D, Gorman RF

OBJECTIVE:   To discuss a patient whose spinal abnormalities may have caused subliminal visual field loss.

CLINICAL FEATURES:   A 22-yr-old man suffered from a painful neck. His vision was in the normal range, as measured by computerized static perimetry.

INTERVENTION AND OUTCOME:   To define a guideline for a proposed investigation into visual field changes with spinal adjustment, his visual fields were tested before and after a normal office spinal manipulation. After this procedure, there was a measurable rise in the visual sensitivity of both eyes.

CONCLUSION:   The use of computerized static perimetry changes to measure the cerebral effects of spinal manipulation is recommended for future chiropractic research.



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