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This section is no longer being updated and is now considered to be archived. The lo-res images contained herein reflect the Web before broadband was widespread and when image sizes were kept to a minimum. The links to other image sites still work and the images in this archive can still be downloaded if so desired.

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Welcome to the Chiro.org Image Archive. The images are here for you to look through and download if you so desire. Click on the sections under the title to enter the archives. These pages contain thumbnail images to give you some idea of what the source image contains and to reduce page download time. If you wish to see the full image just click on the image or text and it will be downloaded to your system. Usually if you right-click somewhere on the larger image your browser will prompt you for a save location on your hard drive.

Likely many of you will want to use these images either as hard copy or on a personal or an office Web page. All of these images are in the "gif" or "jpg" format. If you wish to convert these images into a format that you can use in the office as hard copy, say for use in a Word document, you may need a software conversion utility. Irfanview is an excellent freeware imaging program which converts to and from most major formats.

These images are bitmaps where each pixel is assigned a value. You might have trouble resizing them while retaining image quality. If you need to resize the image check your imaging software. The best have an option called resampling. This attempts to preserve image quality during the resizing process.

Should you want to use an image on a web page there is no need to convert image formats but you may want to create a transparent image that floats over the background. GIF's were the only way to do this in the early days but now the PNG format is superior. It supports more colors and partial transparencies.

If you have any questions or problems and especially if you have some images to contribute to our project please send us some mail here at the Image Archive

***DISCLAIMER*** Many of these images have been generously donated specifically for our archive and are available for personal download. However, we are unable to accept responsibility for any legal issues arising from your own personal or commercial use of these images.

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