Date_Calculator.exe is a major improvement over date math, presented below. This is a handy tool to see what would be the follow-up date for a file. It is presented here as an executable file, or as a zip file. This program was donated by Rick Iacobelli, DC Thanks Rick!

DateMath.exeis a little program for win95 which will calculate dates. It is just two simple screens. Enter a date, and the next screen asks you to enter the number of days you want to add. You may enter a positive or negative number of days. Written mainly to assist in insurance follow-ups; If you know that you submitted a bill on a certain date, and want to know when 105 days later is, this program will make it simple. If you want to know what was the date 45 days ago that is simple too!

Simply download the file DateMath.exe into your selected directory. Create a short-cut to it from within one of your folders, or run it from within the win95 Explorer, or the last resort would be to run it from the run command line.

If DateMath.exe does not downlowad properly, then you must use which is a zipped version, you just have to unzip it before you can use it.