set this up in the your word processor and type in the the name and the location of the pain. Do Not Use a Fill in the Blank Form. (Where the letter is typed and you hand write the blank information] Form letters do not work because it appears that the information given may not be for this specific patient, but for all patients.

Letter of Medical necessity for a TENS unit.

Dear Mr. Adjuster,
Mr. ________ has significant pain in his __________. Through Chiropractic care I anticipate improvement, (or he has reached maximum improvement) however, he will be in considerable pain for awhile.

I have initiated a trial of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in my office and have found that it effectively reduces his pain. I am therefore prescribing a mobile TENS unit for his use at home, and at work, so that he may continue his activities of daily living without the use of, or with a lower dosage of NSAIDS, or narcotics.