Help Wanted ;-)... the pay stinks, but the work is rewarding none-the-less.

Help me create other forms. I'll do the work but I need you to write it up with if... then... statements; such as in the following example:

I need a list of conditions and of scenarios of how it would bewritten

in a report. For Xray report form.

click.. osteoporosis.... Result in narrative.... A diffuse loss of calcific density was apparent in the films indicative of osteoporosis.

click ... DJD... (drop down list of levels)....Result in narrative...

Degenerative Joint Disease is visible at the following levels...

click... George's Line (drop down list of levels) ... Result...a break in George's line, a line drawn down the post aspect of the bodies of the cervical vertebra approximating the Posterior longitudinal ligament blah blah blah..... was apparent at (c3-4,c4-5, and c5-6)

we can enter the patient's name into the sentences automatically,such

as ... Mr. Patient had a loss of calcific density...

Visible signs of swelling were noted in the films of Mr. Patient.

I would appreciate a hand with this, if you can see this type of form being of use, please contribute and help to make it a reality! It would be greatly appreciated.