Maintained by Dr. Joseph Garolis

Orthopedic Neurological examination forms

This exam form was made specifically to work with the interactive auto narrative found on, but I think the ortho/ neuro exam is complete enough to be used at any time a complete physical examination is not necessary.
The examination form is set up so that an intial exam and a follow up exam may be on one page.

Word Doc Orthopedic Neurological spinal mechanics and myological exam sheet it may be edited with word or LibreOffice

Narrative Exam in PDF format

Exam with clinical decision making prompts in PDF format

This Chiropractic Exam form was donated by Marilyn Gard and made to work with ClincPro software, it is pretty decent, and is presented in MS_Word Format size-601K and in Acrobat PDF Format size-12K.
newest This award-winning P.A.R.T Medicare Documentation is presented with permission of and Chuck Woodfield, DC unfortunately it is presented only in PDF format and you will need to have the adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. It is 713K in size and will take about 9 minutes to download at 28.8K... Please be patient.
To view files saved in PDF format, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 3.0 or later. This free utility, available for all popular PC and MAC operating systems, can be downloaded by simply clicking on this icon:

The following Complaint forms may be used in conjunction with the above

Chief Complaints or Symptoms check off sheet

Chief Complaints or Symptoms check off sheet in Spanish

Range of Motion paper exam form This was made specifically to work with the Interactive Rage of motion examination form online. You may track three ROM examinations and the info needed to complete the pennings analysis.

Extremity Examination Forms

Examination forms for the shoulder, knee, hand/wrist, Ankle/foot, and Elbow. Most are two pages long and allow ample space for notes.

Most of the forms are in MS Word Format

Microsoft has free MS Word viewers at their website it is recommended that you download and install a copy of it.