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Side of Dominance..Right Handed Left Handed

 Each muscle test must be done three times to insure reproducability and validity. Please enter each of your three test values in the input fields below. The script will average the results and calculate for weakness while taking into consideration which side is dominant.

Do not use any labels. ie ... 33 34 32 may be an example of strength in lbs for an individual muscle. The script will total the inputs and divide by three therefore it is imperative the you enter the same number of trials for both the left and the right muscle being tested. ie... one for the left and one for the right.... two for the left and two for the right... etc..

The values may be obtained from a number of sources, for example I use a hand held digital MicroFet2 muscle tester. If you email me with a request to add a particular type of testing equipment I may add a field for it and make a comment about it in the script.



Muscle testing ... Enter Three readings for each muscle

Cervical Flexors Cr11, C2,3





Cervical Extensors






Left Side Muscle testing

Right Side Muscle testing

Cervical Lateral Flexors








Middle Deltoid

Anterior Deltoid

 Posterior Deltoid

 Infraspinatus/Teres Minor




 Left Side Muscle testing

 Right Side Muscle testing








Biceps Brachii .. Brachialis 







 Extensor Carpi Radialis









Left Side Muscle testing

 Right Side Muscle testing

 Latissimus Dorsi







Triceps Brachii







Pectoralis Major









Left Side Muscle testing

 Right Side Muscle testing

Middle Trapezius