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Cervical Views
Thoracic Views
Lumbar Views
X-ray findings reveal the presence of a sprain/strain soft tissue injury.
There are no apparent fractures, osseous pathology, or congenital bony abnormalities noted in the C-spine.

ADI ...

Retro pharyngeal interspace ..

Retro Tracheal Interspace ..

The Odontoid process...
Cervical ribs...
Osteophyte formations Loss of disc height at...

George s line

A break in georges line at...

Loss of cervical lordosis
no loss non-traumatic loss traumatic loss... CAD related
Kyphotic Cervical Spine
normal Kyphotic, non-traumatic Kyphotic CAD related

IVF Encroachment

Left Right
Additional Cervical observations

Type Additional Cervical findings below:

Thoracic Spine

Osteophyte formations Loss of disc height at...

Additional Thoracic observations

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Lumbar Spine

Osteophyte formations Loss of disc height at...
There was a loss of lumbar rotation on AP Lat flexion studies
There was a loss of lumbar lateral curve on AP Lat flexion studies
Flattening, or loss of the normal lordotic curve
Lumbar spine Tropism
Spinal Stenosis...

Additional Lumbar observations

Type Additional Lumbar findings below:

Bone demineralization...

Additional Xray

Note Compression/ Avulsion Fractures, Lytic or Blastic Lesions and levels here as well as any other information necessary.

Routine weight bearing projections / Chiropractic Analysis

Weight Bearing of Head...

head translated

head rotated

Rotary Subluxations noted...

Translational subluxations noted....



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