Sample Telephone Script

Sample Telephone Script


The telephone is a patient's first impression of your office.

The following script is designed to use with new and old patients alike.

By Phil Mancuso

CA:   Mancuso Chiropractic Center - this is Pat speaking, how may I help you?

PATIENT:   Is this doctor __________'s office? Or is the doctor in? Or, may I speak with Doctor______? Or, I'd like to make an appointment.

CA:   Yes, this is Doctor_______'s office." (Never say, "The doctor is busy and can't come to the phone." This may convey the idea that the doctor is "too busy to talk to me..." ) "The doctor's with a patient right now and can't be disturbed, may I ask who is calling?

*Note: once name is given, use it frequently! At this stage use the patient's formal name, e.g. Mrs. Jones, etc.

The most important line in telephone technique is to be used every time . . . "When was the last time you saw the doctor?"

PATIENT:   I've never been to your office before.

CA:   · Is this to make an appointment for you or your child?

         · Who referred you to our office?

PATIENT:   Alice Smith asked me to call you.

CA:   Compliment Alice Smith: we just love Alice, she's referred so many patients to our office! Have you been to any other doctor for this condition? Were x-rays taken? Were lab tests done? (if yes, tell the patient that it's important to bring the x-rays and reports with them if at all possible.) Now, let's see what we can do to get you a convenient appointment. (remember, the appointment must be convenient to the doctor's schedule) always give the patient choices:

CA:   Would you prefer today or tomorrow?

PATIENT:   Tomorrow

CA:   Morning or afternoon?

PATIENT:   Afternoon

CA:   Terriffic! We have an opening for a new patient tomorrow at 4:00 or 6:30 pm. Which would be better for you?

PATIENT:   6:30.

CA:   Now, Mrs, Jones, let me take some information from you right now so we can have a file prepared in advance to save you some time when you come in.

(CA now completes new patient pad)

CA:   Thank you for your cooperation, Mrs. Jones. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, at 6:30pm.

*Note: Isn't it a pain in the rear end to go to a doctor's office and have to fill out all that basic name and address stuff "one more time?" Why not start your patients off on the right foot? Have the basic info filled out for them from information gathered over the phone from the information on the new patient pad. Complete all necessary paper work prior to the patient's arrival. This is a very strong concept which demonstrates to the patient that you run an organized and efficient office and really care about your patients! The patient's name, address, etc., should be typed on the front of the patient introduction form.

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