A Secret Weapon: Your Business Card

A Secret Weapon: Your Business Card


by: Ivan Delman, DC

Business cards have power. They're "Instant Advertising" every time you hand one out. Ask yourself, "How effective is my business card? Where does it go when I hand it out?"

When I see a business card, it usually looks the same as thousands of other business cards. I throw away about ninety percent of them on the same day!

Why is that? Because most cards are not special!

I first heard this concept at a Jim Parker seminar. Jim's acronyn still rings true to-day, "W.O.C .Whip Out Card at every opportunity and make your card special to the recipient."

One way to make that card special is to offer a benefit for your prospective patient right on your card. You'll greatly increase chances to sell something if you give something first.

Having a strong sales tool like the word FREE! on your card makes it special. When you hand out a card, write on the back, Gary, please present this card at my office for your FREE consultation. Offer expires in 30 days. Looking forward to seeing you, Dr. D. June 28, __.

Several important sales points were covered within this short, hand-written message:
I wrote it by hand in front of the recipient.
I called the recipient by his first name.
I signed it with my nickname rather than formal title and dated it.
I offered a free consultation, which added value to the card and added an expiration date.

For efficiency, all of the above can also be pre-printed on the back of your card, since you probably have a standing free consultation policy.

To help advertise my presence, I used to leave my cards in phone booths, on community bulletin boards, and in gas stations. Whenever I was in our library, I placed business cards in as many health-oriented
books as possible. In restaurants, my server always got his or her tip with a note written on the back of my card expressing my thanks for their excellent service.

Once you start thinking creatively about using your business card, the possibilities are extensive. So, take a good look at your business card. It's your secret weapon!

If you have any questions, please contact Ivan Delman, DC at Ivan@BusinessofChiropractic.com

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