Bronchodilators: Nutrient Depletion Checklist
Nutrient Depletion Checklist:


         From the May 2000 Issue of Nutrition Science News

Drug Nutrient Depletions Potential Depletion Problems

* Bronchodilators are used to clear airway obstruction caused by asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema as well as for neonatal apnea/bradycardia. Various brand names including Aerolate, Aquaphyllin, Bronkodyl, Respbid, Theobid and Uniphyl.

The scientific basis for this information is from published studies using these drugs or drugs from the same pharmacological class. Advise customers to ask their doctor or pharmacist if any of their medications can cause nutrient depletions. Reprinted with permission from Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook (Lexi-Comp, 1999) by Ross Pelton, Ph.D., C.N.; James B. LaValle, N.D., C.N., D.H.M.; Ernest B. Hawkins, and Daniel L. Krinsky.

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