Laxatives: Nutrient Depletion Checklist

Nutrient Depletion Checklist:


         From the October 2000 Issue of Nutrition Science News


Nutrient Depletions

Potential Health Problems

Mineral oil


vision problems, weakened immunity


blood clotting, cell wall permeability, enzyme dysfunction, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, rickets

Vitamin A

vision problems

Vitamin D

hearing loss, muscle weakness, phosphorous retention in kidneys, rheumatic pains

Vitamin E

cataracts, dry skin, dry hair, easy bruising, eczema, poor wound healing, PMS



irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, fatigue, edema

The scientific basis for this information is from published studies using these drugs or drugs from the same pharmacological class. Advise customers to ask their doctor or pharmacist if any of their medications can cause nutrient depletions.

Reprinted with permission from Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook (Lexi-Comp, 1999) by Ross Pelton, Ph.D., C.N.; James B. LaValle, N.D., C.N., D.H.M.; Ernest B. Hawkins and Daniel L. Krinsky.

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