Table 4

Comparison of subjects with no pain, non-persistent pain or persistent pain at any site.

No pain cluster at any site (n = 750)Non-persistent pain cluster at one or more pain site (n = 426)Persistent pain cluster at any site (n = 153)p-value

Very satisfied with life45.0%36.9%26.1%<0.001
Mean somatization score0.350.550.84<0.001
Mean depression score0.540.780.96<0.001
Mean BMI19.4219.6719.500.58
Any strenuous physical activity last year80.7%87.3%81.7%0.014

3-year follow-up
Very satisfied with life42.2%33.1%26.9%<0.001
Mean somatization score0.250.420.58<0.001
Mean depression score0.390.610.91<0.001
Mean BMI21.5022.1222.140.025

N = 1329 subjects with trajectories identified at all four sites included.

BMI, Body Mass Index.

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