QUIZ #1: Cervical Trauma?

QUIZ #1:   Cervical Trauma?

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Jack Henry, DC, DACBR

Hello. My name is Jack Henry, DC, DACBR. I am Radiologist-in-Chief of Radiology Diagnostics, LLC, an industry leader of Chiropractic Radiology Services and Digitized Spinographic analyses. All of our services are provided at no cost to doctor and no/low cost to patients.

Selected cases will be presented for your evaluation. The studies may or may not have abnormalities. Use the arrow keys or the scroll bar to carefully evaluate the films.

Step 1:   Is the study abnormal or normal?

Step 2:   If the study is abnormal, what is your best diagnosis?

Step 3:   Which follow-up imaging option would be best?

Step 4:   Compare your results with the correct diagnosis.


A 17-year-old male reports status post trauma secondary to “mild” flexion/extension type injury. ROM was somewhat limited. Neurological and orthopedic evaluations were unremarkable.

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