Research Challenges Of Chiropractic

The Oct. 8, 1998   NEJM Articles
On Asthma and Low Back Pain

This section was compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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Comparison of Active and Simulated Chiropractic Manipulation as Adjunctive
Treatment for Childhood Asthma

New England Journal of Medicine 1998 (Oct 8);   339 (15):   1013-1020

A Comparison of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Manipulation, and Provision of
an Educational Booklet for the Treatment of Patients with Low Back Pain

New England Journal of Medicine 1998 (Oct 8);   339 (15):   1021-1029

EDITORIAL:   What Role for Chiropractic in Health Care?
The New England Journal of Medicine 1998 (Oct 8);   339: 1074-1075

On September 18, 1895, Daniel David Palmer manipulated the spine of Harvey Lilliard, allegedly restoring Mr. Lilliard's sense of hearing and founding the practice of chiropractic. [1] From this beginning, despite decades of persecution from government and organized medicine, chiropractors have become the third largest group of health professionals in the United States (after physicians and dentists) who have primary contact with patients.

Responses from the Research and Academic Community to the NEJM Articles
Anthony Rosner, Ph.D., research director of FCER responds to both articles.
Other responses were provided by Bill Meeker, D.C.,   Daniel Redwood, D.C.,   Daniel Becker, D.C., DABCN,   James Provoost, D.C. of Life College,   and the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.

Other Media Articles

Study casts doubt on usefulness of chiropractic care
CNN- October 7, 1998
MARIETTA, Georgia (CNN)  --
It's estimated that one in 10 Americans visit chiropractors each year, most commonly for back pain. Whether or not spinal manipulation can actually help a sore back has long been debated. Several studies have suggested it can help. But a just-released study in the New England Journal of Medicine says chiropractic care offers only marginal benefits.

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